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Tired of asking people for money?

The Used Clothing Drive Fundraising Program offers your organization a new approach to fundraising. Unlike traditional fundraising, the Used Clothing Drive does NOT involve asking anyone for money!


Think about it…

There’s nothing to buy, nothing to sell and no money to collect.
By simply asking people for stuff they no longer want or need, you will be supporting the environment and helping your community.


Testimonials – Read Our Rave Reviews!


Harriett Todd Public School, Orillia, ON
“We just ended our Used Clothing Drive and exceeded our goal! It was such an amazing feeling to see the truck full with over 15,000 lbs of donations going to the Salvation Army Thrift Store. The support throughout the drive from the UCD team was amazing; I could not have done this without their help. I was also very impressed on pick-up day how great the communication was between the truck driver and our school. It helped everything run smoothly. I am looking forward to this opportunity again next year!” ~ Tanya Martin, Fundraising Coordinator, 15,631 lbs Collected


Friends of Rock Creek, Rock Creek, BC
“We loved how well the Used Clothing Drive program is run. To find a fundraiser that is so simple, with everything perfectly laid out was amazing. It’s so rare to find something so true to its word. I have to commend the organization for its excellence. The Used Clothing Drive team is the best kind to work with, one that delivers on its promises. All you have to do is follow the guide, use the tools in the fundraising kit, and you WILL get results.” ~ Bonnie Johnston, Fundraising Coordinator, 27,491 lbs Collected


Andover Elementary and Perth-Andover Middle Schools, Perth-Andover, NB
“I was drawn to this fundraiser because it was a win-win situation for our environment, community, and schools. It was very important to me that I have a personal connection with the organization I would be working with, and I definitely had that with the Used Clothing Drive team. I really enjoyed working with them, as they were so kind, patient, helpful and supportive. The project was awesome because it brought the entire community together! We are so blown away by this success, and so happy to be able to continue to fund our breakfast programs! I would definitely recommend the Used Clothing Drive program, and would like to thank the team for helping us reach above and beyond our original fundraising goal!” ~ Carol Godbout, School Community Coordinator, 46,013 lbs Collected


Pennies for Freedom Campaign, Brantford, ON
“The Used Clothing Drive team was great! They provided us with promotional resources so quickly and were very encouraging throughout! This fundraiser was great because it felt like we were doing people a favour finding a good use for the stuff they didn’t want, plus it was an amazing opportunity to connect with the community.” ~ Barbara Purdy, 13,480 lbs Collected


East Oxford Central Public School, Woodstock, ON
“We loved the idea of a fundraiser that didn’t ask people for money and let us help the environment! Our students learned a lot from the experience and we would definitely be interested in holding another Used Clothing Drive!” ~ Bobbi Pye, 18,060 lbs Collected


Newmarket Minor Hockey Association, Newmarket, ON
A Used Clothing Drive Fundraiser was a fun way to raise money for our hockey team without asking people for money. It was also a great way to give back to our community. We came together as a team and everyone contributed and participated.  The excitement grew as the donation pile grew! The UCD staff provided all the information we needed to make the fundraiser successful and provided excellent support throughout the campaign. We would definitely do one again. ~ Debbie Cecutti, 13,080 lbs Collected


ESC Jean-Vanier, Welland, ON
“This was such an original project for our school, and a very successful one too. We are very pleased with the outcome and I would recommend running an event with the Used Clothing Drive to any school or organization!” ~ Michel Montpellier & Janelle Fournier, 8,800 lbs Collected


Glashan Public School, Ottawa, ON
“I would definitely recommend the Used Clothing Drive program to other schools, as it was an easy way to raise money and awareness of our project. The event staff at Used Clothing Drive provided phenomenal hands-on support every step of the way. We hope to do it again next year!” ~ Principal Jim Tayler, 30,560 lbs Collected


Kuamini, Paris, ON
“I was extremely happy with the support provided by the Used Clothing Drive team; the members were very helpful and enthusiastic! When everyone works together so much can be accomplished! As a team we would be interested in holding another Used Clothing Drive in the future.” ~ Jaclyn Snook, Charity Vice President, 16,851 lbs Collected


Newaygo County 4-H Council, Fremont, MI

“The Used Clothing Drive was definitely one of our more successful fundraisers! We especially liked the idea that we were only asking people for things they were already getting rid of. Also, being “green” was an awesome fit for 4-H! We really appreciated the help provided by the Used Clothing Drive team; it was so exciting to find out we had exceeded our fundraising goal!” ~ Renee Carroll, 4-H Program Coordinator, 14,120 lbs Collected


Back Pack Food Program, Clover, SC

“We were so happy with the support provided by the Used Clothing Drive team! Aja and her team really helped me out a lot, and she was always patient and sweet. One of our favourite things about the experience was getting to meet some incredible people and hear some great stories! We made the fundraiser about the people, instead of the money or the numbers, and we were thrilled to exceed our fundraising goal.” ~ LyRae Davis, 13,980 lbs Collected


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When you work with Used Clothing Drive, you help divert waste from landfills while raising money in an environmentally friendly way!


This fundraising program is for Churches, Schools, Clubs, Sports Teams and Non-Profit Organizations.

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